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Sliding doors

It is possible to achieve a design that combines the elegance of wood with the functionality and durability of aluminum. The large windows created in this way can truly open up spaces to the outside world, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural beauty and surrounding light. 

Brightness permeates the spaces
Integration between the exterior and interior
Just a step away from infinity

Connecting indoor and outdoor

Knowing that you can enjoy nature comfortably from your home through a well-designed window is a true privilege and can bring a great deal of serenity and inspiration to your daily life. 

An architectural design

A unique experince for the eye

Panoramic views

When the window accompanies the gaze

Panoramic views

More light and a broader view than a simple French door.

Customization possibilities

ou can choose from various finishes for your wood-aluminum clad sliding doors, completing the style of your home furnishings. With our coordinated windows, you'll have quality materials, security, and elegance to impeccably transform your home.

Create outdoor areas that offer an unparalleled perspective on your world

A bridge between the exterior and interior

Communication and sensations

A bridge between the exterior and interior

Sliding doors offer the possibility to fully open the indoor space to the outside environment, creating a seamless transition between the two. This is particularly appreciated in areas with spectacular panoramic views, well-kept gardens, or picturesque landscapes.

Each lifestyle has a PB style

Wood-aluminum clad is as warm as wood and as strong as aluminum. It suits the architectural needs of every building thanks to the option of two-tone solutions. From oak to meranti, chestnut, pine, and finger-jointed pine, from the sliding and lifting sliding to the transom sliding, even to the folding sliding, always with a robust aluminum coating: each sliding solution brings light and harmony to the spaces.




finiture finiture

Natural two-tone effects for maximum versatility


Color design combinations exceed imagination. Powder coating and oxidation offer virtually endless color variations for the aluminum exterior. Maximum transparency for glass and solid structure for bronze. Powder coating, open pores, natural wood, or brushing are just some of the finishing options for internal wood, enabling an eclectic blend for every style.

Super Spacer Channel

By applying the Edgetech Super Spacer channel to the window, it is possible to avoid the problem of condensation and ensure an excellent perimeter thermal insulation. Super Spacer enhances thermal resistance, eliminates condensation and mold formation, and improves glass sound absorption.

Legno lamellare Legno lamellare

Laminated Wood

Our products are made entirely of laminated wood, durable and high-performing. Thanks to laminated technology (using 3 or 5 boards), it avoids the natural distortions of wood and is the only material that can ensure durability, sustainability, strength, and stability, as well as the possibility to renew and keep the product new over time.

Maximum performance Maximum performance

Maximum performance

We design to use energy efficiently, contributing to reducing consumption and minimizing environmental impact. Resistant to water, air, and external agents, our windows have obtained the highest certifications for soundproofing and energy efficiency: that's why we can offer our customers a 10-year product warranty.

Sicurezza Sicurezza


We provide all our fixtures with a strong ability to slow down and block attempts of break-ins. All our product lines come with certified hardware, and upon request, this resistance can be elevated to higher security levels as needed, up to the maximum security level RC2. Additionally, the integrated electric contact burglar alarm is compatible with all home automation systems.

Verniciatura Verniciatura

Finishing process

The window finishing process is carried out using eco-friendly water-based paints to eliminate the emission of solvents into the air and the environment. Additionally, our facility is equipped with a paint recovery system for unused paints, which are then reused: up to 70% of the paints used come from a recovery process.

Vetro a incollaggio strutturale Vetro a incollaggio strutturale

Structurally bonded glass

The production processes within the PBFinestre plant provide internal and external structural sealing and bonding of the insulated glass unit using 3M double-sided tape, ensuring maximum adhesion and sealing against infiltrations, high resistance to burglary attempts, and structural stability of the panels.

Vetro planitherm infinity Vetro planitherm infinity

Planitherm Infinity Glass

Laminated glass allows for exceptional results in both winter and summer comfort. With its layer of acoustic PVB, it acts as a cushion between two sheets, preventing vibration and eliminating critical frequencies, while maintaining optimal transparency.


No limits with PBFinestre sliding doors

A large glass surface brings an abundant amount of natural light into the home and provides expansive views, surpassing any limits. Sliding solutions not only optimize the interior space but also allow for the configuration of large openings with panels that can support over 300 kg of door weight.

Allarmi Allarmi

integrated alarm contacts

Our windows are equipped with integrated alarm contacts for security systems and are compatible with the most widely used alarm systems. This is a crucial element for home security, providing substantial additional protection against unwanted intrusions.
Avvolgibili Avvolgibili

Roller shutter system

Roller shutters are an important component for the comfort and functionality of a home. They are available in various modes, each with its own features and advantages, all designed to optimize light filtration while enhancing the building's style.
Domotica Domotica

Home automation systems

Home automation is becoming increasingly prominent in everyday life, both at work and at home. Our products are designed to be compatible with the most cutting-edge home automation systems, from gates that can be operated through an app to smart alarm systems.
Frangisole Frangisole

Sunshade elements

Sunshading elements are architectural features designed to regulate the amount of natural light entering a home, creating a more comfortable environment and saving on artificial lighting costs, all without compromising the architectural integrity and design of the house.
Maniglie Maniglie

Stylish handles

Handles not only serve as a distinctive feature for your spaces or provide added security to your home but also enhance and tastefully complete your windows. PBFinestre chooses Colombo Design to accessorize its fixtures, combining aesthetics and functionality. The company provides a 10-year warranty for the handles.
Tendina Tendina

Glazing blinds

Elevate your home's style and comfort with interior glass curtains. These refined accessories blend elegance and functionality, allowing for easy adjustment of light and privacy, while adding an extra touch of character to your living space.
Zanzariera Zanzariera


PBFinestre mosquito screens can be integrated into any window or French door, offering maximum freedom. They disappear into the masonry when not in use, providing an elegant aesthetic result without visible external guides.
Scheda prodotto Scorrevole Legno Alluminio - IT
Scheda prodotto Scorrevole Legno Alluminio - EN

Available wood essences

Laminated wood in pine, finger-jointed pine, chestnut, oak, and meranti


Air Permeability Resistance Class*: Class 4 Water Tightness Resistance Class*: E750 Wind Load Resistance Class*: Up to 2.1 m² Class C5. Above 2.1m² up to 2.5m² Class C4

Acoustic Reduction Certification**: Up to 43dB for 68mm thickness sections and up to 44dB for 78mm thickness sections

Thermal Performance Certifications** (Achievable Uw values):

• 1.2 W/m²K in the version with 68mm thickness • 0.9 W/m²K in the version with 78mm thickness

Solar Factor: G=0.35

  • As per certifications in our possession issued by the ROSENHEIM Institute

** As per certifications in our possession issued by the GIORDANO Institute

Furthermore, all our windows are CE marked, according to the law, to ensure maximum peace of mind and safety.



Warranty of 10 years on the product and painting

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