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Moscow: antique-style windows with modern functionality for Gum department stores

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Bespoke wooden windows, a tailoring line characterized by artistic craftsmanship and high craftsmanship: the Atelier line, a masterpiece of carpentry, is a protagonist in the renewed facade of the GUM Department Stores in Moscow, Russia.

Custom-tailored wooden windows

There are buildings that, due to their uniqueness or historical significance, require the production of customized fixtures: tailor-made wooden windows that can enhance their features or respect an aesthetic that comes from the past and must be rigorously preserved. While we often notice a building's architecture in general, windows and doors are fundamental in defining the impact of a structure, regardless of its function.

The Atelier line is dedicated to the creation of custom-tailored wooden windows with a tailoring approach: a prestigious production in which the difference lies in the high Italian craftsmanship and artistic manual skill combined with industrial precision and reliability. Thus, masterpieces of carpentry are created in perfect harmony with various architectures.

Whatever the challenge in terms of elegance, performance, size, or shape, the Atelier line is the perfect candidate to provide concrete and reliable solutions: on one hand, there is a unique know-how built over time and in dealing with various cases and needs. On the other hand, the industrial dimension and the rigor of company procedures ensure the highest quality standards in both product design and realization, order management, and customer satisfaction. Thanks to these characteristics, the custom-tailored wooden windows of the Atelier line have conquered the most beautiful villas and palaces worldwide, from commercial spaces to private residences.

The solemnity of the facade required windows suitable for the context
Wooden windows were custom-made
Every detail was carefully studied and crafted

GUM Department Stores: modern performance respecting the original style

Custom-tailored wooden windows from the Atelier line are truly suitable for every architecture, including ancient, distinctive, and large structures. The aesthetic impact of classic residences remains unchanged, and new projects acquire a unique character.

Among the architecturally prestigious buildings that have chosen Atelier windows from PBFinestre is the GUM Department Store project in Moscow, Russia. The need was to produce fixtures that faithfully replicated the original 19th-century windows, preserving the building's facade. All of this, of course, while ensuring modern performance suitable for contemporary uses and thermal insulation needs. The choice fell on the Heritage Atelier Oak windows, and PBFinestre's craftsmanship created the perfect product for the needs of this significant client.

The windows of gum department stores had to faithfully replicate the original 19th-century ones while ensuring modern performance. That's why custom-tailored solutions from the atelier line were chosen.

Personalization, bespoke creation, are the strengths of Atelier windows. These products arise from a deep collaboration with the client and the architect overseeing the building's construction or renovation project. The common goal is to find the perfect solution in terms of technical, aesthetic, and performance aspects, achieving high-end results in all aspects. While the scenic impact of the fixture is what we see, it's crucial to consider aspects such as thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities, energy performance, durability over time, ease of maintenance, and more.

Special and unique projects: the versatility of custom-tailored wooden windows

But why specifically Atelier windows? What makes them so special? To understand this, one must delve a bit deeper into PBFinestre's production process, which moves between the seemingly opposing poles of technology and craftsmanship. This applies to both catalog products and, even more so, the production of custom-tailored wooden windows. This type of production, although highly artisanal due to its extreme customization, relies on the best available technologies and creative solutions to solve the problems of each specific project and meet the needs of clients, designers, and companies.

The well-structured industrial organization, focused on maximum quality in both process and product, meets a more artistic and artisanal dimension in the production of custom-tailored wooden windows. Within the production facility, there is a dedicated area exclusively for special processes, a workstation that allows us to offer our clients maximum flexibility and a prompt, competent response to every request.

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